Whole Home Mesh WiFi System

WiFi router and 2 satellite extenders with speeds up to 2.2 Gbps covering large homes up to 6,000 sq. ft. This 3 module setup interacts with all smart devices and creates 3 zones using the same user name and password, so it is in effect a single seamless network. It can sit on a shelf or end table and plugs in using a standard outlet. It creates one seamless network, so as you move from room to room, your signal won’t drop. Everyone has been over the moon with this setup and it is one of the very best on todays market for tommorrow’s dreams.

WiFi Tri-band mesh technology

Easy voice control. Pause your WiFi, turn on guest WiFi, and more. Works seemlessly with Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant.

Flexible connectivity options
Each device comes with 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports. This is ideal for hard-wire entertainment centers, game systems, a wired connection to your Smart TV and home offices for fast Internet speeds.

Whole home mesh system

Fast and reliable WiFi coverage
Connect all your WiFi devices without losing speeds! Freely roam around your home with uninterrupted streaming and downloading. Eliminate buffering and dead zones from the front door to the backyard. The dedicated WiFi connection gives you the fastest and most consistent internet speeds available, even as more devices connect.

Stream in the fast lane with the award-winning WiFi tri-band mesh technology. Enjoy faster and consistent WiFi speeds throughout your home. The device establishes a dedicated backhaul connection that helps maximize internet speeds for 4K streaming and connections to multiple devices.

Cell Phone Apps for both Apple & Android
Do more with your home’s WiFi. Use voice commands to control your home WiFi network.

Easily set up your WiFi and monitor devices connected to your network. Use voice commands to control your home WiFi network.

Pause Wifi
Put the internet on pause for a specific device or the entire home. A handy feature especially during dinner and bedtime.

Speed Test
Run speed tests right from the app to make sure you’re getting the best internet speed from your service provider.

Parental Controls
Smart parental controls let you filter content, manage screen time, and monitor usage on any connected device, anytime, anywhere so parents can have peace of mind.

Manage mesh network with cell phone

Performance with styleset of 3 whole home mesh
It’s sleek, modern shell encases four high-gain internal antennas that increase wireless range to the far corners of your home. It’s neutral colour is pleasing to the eye and can blend in to your existing decor. It creates one seamless network, so as you move from room to room, your signal won’t drop.

LED blue ring wifi availability
An Internet connection that you see
The ring LEDs on top of the router and satellite briefly glow blue or amber to indicate a good or poor internet connection, then turn off when a stable connection is established. Check your connection status with just a glance.

Easily create a Guest NetworkWifi for guests
Be a good host and have your guests experience the best WiFi in town. Easily and securely share your home or Guest WiFi credentials.

Daisy Chain Networking
Daisy Chain your Satellites to extend the coverage of your WiFi System range. This feature allows the Satellite to dynamically pick the best way to connect to the Router. With daisy chain networking, your satellites can connect to each other or to the router, depending on which connection is best. The following image shows a daisy chained system.
Daisy Chain Connectivity

Tech Specs

WiFi Coverage
6,000 sq. ft.

High Performance Routers
Four (4) high performance internal antennas with high-powered amplifiers
Implicit & Explicit Beamforming for 2.4GHz & 5GHz bands
MU-MIMO capable for simultaneous data streaming to multiple devices
Powerful Quad-Core 710MHz processor

Tri-Band Wifi
2.4GHz (400Mbps†) + 5GHz (866Mbps†) for WiFi devices to connect to the Internet
5GHz (866Mbps†) dedicated WiFi link for faster data connections between the Router and Satellites
(smaller text) † Actual data throughput and data over distance will vary based on network conditions and environmental factors.

Two (2) 10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet ports
One (1) WAN & one (1) LAN

256MB flash and 512MB RAM

WPA/WPA2-PSK support
Guest WiFi Network is easy to setup separate & secure internet access for guests
Circle® Smart Parental Controls to manage content and time online for all your devices.

What’s in the box
One (1) Router (RBR20)
Two (2) Satellites (RBS20)
One (1) 6.5f Ethernet cable
Three (3) 12V/1.5A power adapters
Quick start guide

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