Ultra T1 News

Barrie & Surrounding Areas
Coming in 2024. Launching our new failover backup service.
December 2023

Moonstone – Tower 88
Wow! This tower overlooks the whole valley. One of the fastest towers yet.
October 2016

8 Mile Point – Tower 81
This tower covers both sides and near the end are covered and along the shore lines fom 12th of Oro to the 15th line.
November 1, 2011

Balm Beach Rd. – Tower 80
Close to Midland, this tower covers all around Balm Beach & Hwy 93. Went live May 15, 2017.

Mount St. Louis – Tower 77
This tower is strategically located downtown and covers the 4th Line N. and the St. Antoine subdivision to the West.
December 2011

Cedar Point – Tower 75
This tower covers most residents along North Point Rd. It also covers Nippising Ridge Rd, Melissa Lane, Sandy Bay Rd on the lake front and everyone on the bay down to the 19th Conc. Rd. W.
Cedar Point – August 12 – 10

Thunder Beach – Tower 74
This tower is located in a position to cover all of Silver Birch Dr. – North side courtesy of the Ballard’s! This tower has non-line of site technology allowing us to service Maple Ridge and Oakridge. And we already have a new client using it. Works great!!
Thunder Beach – July 13 – 10

Simcoe Estates – Tower 73
This tower services another 50% of the subdivision. Self serve option applies to some.
Craighurst – July 12 – 10

Simcoe Estates – Tower 72
Bidwell Subdivision, West end – Today we went live providing where Rogers and Bell fell flat.
Craighurst – June 18 – 10

Lafountaine – Tower 71
This tower expands our reach North & East from a high point near the 6 towers on the ridge.
Lafountaine – May 31 – 10

Orr Lake 2 – Tower 70
This tower is great as it easily covers cottages on the North side & East side of the lake.
Orr Lake – May 25 – 10

Methodist Road – Tower 69
This tower overlooks North of Honey Harbour & some of the surrounding homes down by Dorian Road.
Fairlain Lake – May 20 – 10

Fairlain Lake – Tower 68
This tower is positioned at about 1/2 way along the lake on the East side & covers the West side for about 3/4 of it starting at the South end. It also covers most of the cottages & the south end. To start we are using 2.4 ghz line of sight wireless here.
Fairlain Lake – May 15 – 10

Midhurst – Tower 65
This tower is located on Gill Rd, near Mcgowan and Briarwood. We are using both 2.4 and 900 mhz transmitters here so each resident can get hi speed, if they wish. (900 costs $200 more than 2.4 ghz but can pass thru trees)….. bringing internet one step closer to you and live as of now. First tower of our new decade.
Midhurst – January 13 – 10

Wyevale – Tower 64
This tower is located at Huronia Airport, on the 8th line in Tiny between County Rd 6 and Baseline Rd. Another great location, bringing internet one step closer to you and live as of now.
Wyevale Dec 2-09

Wyebridge – Tower 63
This tower is located close to Ebenezer and old Penetang rd. From the top of the tower we can see right over to Vasey Rd and over the whole wyevale area. Amazing location and live as of now.
Wyebridge Oct 24-09

Thunder Bay Beach – Tower 62
Overlooking the entire Thunderbay beach area working in conjunction with the tower is on the ridge at the end of Methodist Rd. This tower is live on the 20th.
Midhurst – Oct 20-09

Thunder Bay Beach – Tower 61
Overlooking the entire Christian Island area and the valley to the west of Methodist Road, covering right back to Lafountaine. Tower is on the ridge at the end of Methodist Rd. This tower is live and good to go.
Midhurst – Oct 15-09

Innisfil Business Park – Tower 60
Providing coverage from a 6th tower in that area (hwy 400 and 8th Line) near 400 market. This tower is live.
Innsifil – Oct 9-09

Midhurst – Tower 59
Covering Russel Rd. Story Rd area, west of Hwy 400 and Forbes Rd, parts of Hwy 93 facing west, Top end of Gill Rd and Old second. We are live.
Midhurst – Aug 14

Tower 52
Today we are pleased to announce the construction of a tower (52) is located just south of Newton Robinson overlooking miles all around. Tower 52 is live and ready to hook you up!
Newton – Robinson — Feb 11 – 09

Tower 51
Today we are pleased to announce the construction of a tower (51) that links to tower 50 and is located just north of 12/13 on Hwy 124 overlooking miles to the west across the mountain top. approx 2 miles south of Singhampton.
Singhampton — August 11 – 08

Tower 50
Here we come up and over the mountain top. Located on 12/13 near Hwy 124 about 2 miles south of Singhampon is a tower very close to the highest point in Ontario.
Singhampton — July 25 – 08

Tower 48
Today Rob Smith (president)announced the expansion in GlenCarin. Rob Says: “Using new non-line of sight technology we should be able to reach every last house in the area in and around Glencarin” Rob says “it costs a little more than our standard install but hey YOUR WORTH IT!!!”
Glencarin — June 20 – 08

Tower 47
This is an interesting tower because it is the 3rd one at Snow valley Mountain. It can reach across the entire valley to Stayner with 5.8 ghz, provide non line of sight service to the Snow valley hiland estates “east development” and yet another 2.4 ghz transmitter facing the valley itself. Interestingly the tower is separate feed point from the other two and a second hop out of Barrie making it ULTRAFAAST!!
Snow Valley — Nov 15 – 07

Tower 46 Near Cookstown
Located on top of Sharpes Hill …we waited 4 years for this location. This covers huge area east of Alliston in previously hard to reach areas. Initial testing gives this tower and 10 out of 10 for horsepower and location!!.
Cookstown — Oct 13, 2007

Tower 43 a bit north of Bradford
This tower is located onm County Rd 10 about 3 miles south of Hwy 89. Now that whole valley can get hi speed without obtrusive hardware defacing the roof line of your $500,000 house.
Bradford — Aug 21-07

Tower 42 in Stroud
Located just off Hwy 11and Line 9, this tower has huge coverage south of Barrie.
Stroud — Aug 10, 2007

Tower 41 Dalston near Midhurst
This tower is amazing! It employs 5.8g/2.4g/900 mhz technologies. This means most people within 3 miles of “old Second Line” & Watt Road can now get Hi-Speed.
Midhurst — July 25, 2007

Modification done to main tower in Edgar. We now have a transmitter pointed straight South at 5.8 ghz frequency. This covers right to Midhurst South from Old Barrie Road.
Edgar — July 23, 2007

Tower 40 downtown Glen Huron
Glen Huron is well covered now by 2 towers, this one located downtown.
Glen Huron — June 23, 2007

Phelpston – Craighurst
Today we installed a non-line of site transmitter which covers the area of Fox Farm Rd., Old Second Line near Horseshoe Valley Rd, Gill Rd, Hillview Cres, Phelpston Line 3 east of 27 and Horseshoe Valley Rd. near Hwy 400. This technology is a little expensive, but HEY! YOU’RE WORTH IT!
Phelpston – Craighurst — Oct 4, 2006

Tower 38 near Orillia
This amazing tower is located on Telford Line and boasts LOS coverage as far over as Coldwater, up north to Serern and much of Rama, Burnside Line, Division Road, Warminster, etc, most areas north of Orillia. Only 2 hops from Barrie it has lots of juice!!!
Orillia — Oct 1, 2006

Hi speed in Vasey
Hi speed has arrived in Vasey this week. Tower 37. How did we get there so fast?
We are HI SPEED!
Vasey — July 20, 2006

Tower 35 has arrived!
Tower 35 is alive, serving north of Barrie. This gem of a location covers Dobson Rd, Sunnidale Rd, Wislon Rd down past Carson & points of Midhurst.
Midhurst — July 6, 2006

On top of ‘ol Snowy Mountain – All covered with WiFi
Tower #34. This is to service Snow Valley Estates.
Minesing –May 5, 2006

South east of Wyevale is Live!
Tower #31. Situated on a hill in a galaxy far away….. this tower covers Tiny Township – concessions 2, 3 & 4…… Just west of county road 6.
Wyevale –Sept 15, 2005

Orr Lake is Live!
Tower #30. Not only are the fish live in Orr Lake but so is our transmitter. Situated up on the ridge we are covering most of the area in and around Orr Lake. Bringing high speed to this area was a challenge. The north end of the lake is in the shadow of the hill so that area is not covered.
Orr Lake –Aug 29 2005

Oro Coverage is majorly extended to include Bass Lake!
Tower #29. We now have the area from about 10th concession of Oro to the south end of Orillia saterated in the Drlogick microwave oven. This location is central to Old Barrie Road and Line 13 of Oro. It compliments the 400′ tower on the 6th and the tower at Heidis Rv over by Hwy 11. This tower overlooks all of Bass Lake and surrounding area for about a 4 mile radius. We are live here now and working on tower 29 and 30.
Oro –Aug 10 2005

Good News for Residents north of Beeton!
Tower #27. This location is about 5 miles north east of Beeton and was provided to us to bring Hi speed to this area. This tower serves a small footprint for about 3 miles around thru the trees. Coverage is live, July 7/05.
Beeton –July, 2005

Good News for Residents west of Elmvale near Crosslands and Hwy 92!
Towers #26. Today the tallest structure in the area was given to us to provide Hi speed to this area. This tower serves a small footprint for about 5 miles around in flats of the valley. This area has been undeserved for many years, since 1869 I believe. Coverage is live now.
Elmvale –July, 2005

Good News for Residents of Avening!
Tower #24. Today we went live with our tower east of Avening. This tower serves the east side of the escarpment.
Creemore –April, 2005

Hillsdale comes alive!
Tower #23. This is an awesome tower. Far as I can see from the top of it I can see almost every house in Hillsdale. We are now doing line of site inspections in the area and taking orders. You can’t be the first but you can be next. Tower is alive and KICKIN’.
Hillsdale –Mar, 2005

Rosemont gets unwired!
Tower #22. Today we went live from our new tower location on the ridge near Rosemont overlooking the valley to the east. Being one of the highest transmit points in the area this link has a line of site over 10 miles to the north, east and south, south-west. Due to high demand for VPn services in this area this tower has been designated a co-op tower.
Rosemont –Feb, 2005

Oro Rocks!
Tower #20. Today we went live from our new tower location centre of Oro line 6 and Old Barrie Rd. Being one of the highest transmit points in Central Ontario this link has a line of site over 30 miles. From here we reach all of Sugar Bush,(Sugar Bush uses our new state of the art NON line of sight technology) and on up to Coldwater, reaching top of Bayfield St. and as far as east of Stayner, just amazing!
Oro — Jan 31, 2005

Tower 19 in Innsifil
This tower epitomizes the state of the art. Over looking the new subdivision of Innisfil Heights and Innisbrooke…it utilizes non-line of sight technology and goes thru the trees adjustable speeds up to 3 mbs. Located at the 8th line and Hiway 11. We are live and good to go.
Innisfil –Jan, 2005

New tower South of Stayner
This tower is located across from Mad River Golf Course and serves the course, of course giving members a wireless hot spot to work whilst surfing the 19th hole. This also apitimizes the state of the art advancement using 802.11g technology. we are live.
Mad River –Sept 24, 2004

Collingwood Tower goes live!
Tower #18. Today we went live from our new tower location east side of Collingwood off Hwy 26. Installs have been very successful in this area. This tower covers up to Balm Beach, over to Duntroon, part of Nottawa and of course all around Collingwood.
Collingwood –June 11, 2004

Creemore Tower goes live!
Tower #17. Today we went live from our new tower location 1 miles north of Creemore. Installs may be scheduled to happen next week. This tower is one of our strongest yet and such a great location.
Creemore –June 9, 2004

Bell Tower in Cookstown goes live!
Tower #16. Today we went live from our new tower location 3 miles south of Cookstown. Coverage over Beeton over to Alliston etc
Cookstown –Mar 25, 2004

Ivy League” is HOT!
– This is tower #15. AS usual today’s tests were perfect. This tower is located just south of Downtown Ivy and overlooks Utopia and part of Angus about 4 miles south-east of Barrie, We are now prepared to do site inspections in this area as we ARE live.
Downtown Ivy –Dec 9, 2003

Snow Valley now On-Line
– This is tower #14. Today’s tests were perfect. This tower is located right at the resort about 4 miles west of Barrie, rather overlooks the Valley out towards Anten Mills. We can see Minnesing, the Midhurst sports complex and parts of Midhurst and of course many, Snow Valley residents. We are now prepared to do site inspections in this area as we ARE live.
Minesing – Nov 21, 2003

Craighurst gets Hi Speed, 10TH TOWER LOCATION
– This is a repeater tower located right in the centre of town and effectively services the entire business and residential area and within about a 5 mile radius – Line of sight

This is a critical tower as we have many business that were just out of reach of our Welham Rd Tower and now we have bridged a full 11 meg link right to Hooper Dr and Saunders
BarrieJune 17, 2002 Today UltraFast announces a low
use business class pricing starting at $99.00 for small business. Due to popular demand, it was realized that not all businesses can afford or need a $499. internet connection

North Of Cookstown West side of 400, 6TH TOWER LOCATION
Growing as expected, the new tower increases the reach to cover right down to Cookstown as well as the Cookstown Mall and providing the next link to reach into Alliston as soon as a tower is located
BarrieMay 13, 2002Generally speaking the service can reach 15 miles in all directions provided there is a clear LINE OF SIGHT to the establishment. With the a number of towers now on line it is possible to become mobile and surf the net using a notebook in various hotspots around Barrie and surrounding area.

South Part of Orillia within reach, 5TH TOWER LOCATION
This location is 11 miles north of Barrie expanded to cover Hawkestone, Oro, the Lake Simcoe Shoreline and south Orillia

Added security measures complete network safety package
BarrieMay 5, 2001 UltraFast T1 Wireless announces the commercial release of its new, improved service, called hi speed internet – wireless. Marketed primarily to business in Barrie Ultrafast plans to cover all of Simcoe County with 20 towers by middle of 2004.

– Launch of Commercial Wireless Internet Access Service in Barrie, July 2001 after successful implementation at the Internet Cafe. Today glasses were raised as the owner and ceo surfed the net along with almost a dozen people and the Internet cafe retired their old ISDN lines in favour of T1 speeds coming over the airwaves.
BarrieJune 15, 2002–UltraFast T1 Wireless a wireless broadband network provider of high-speed Internet access, today announced it has partnered with The Internet Cafe at 110 Anne St.S. to provide them with broadband Internet data access beginning in July 2002.

– Formerly Owner and founder of Barrie Internet, Rob Smith formulates plan to become broadband provider –
BarrieJan. 7, 2002 UltraFast Wireless, etc.

– Formerly Owner and founder of Barrie Internet, Rob Smith formulates plan to become broadband provider –
BarrieApril 7, 2001 Named UltraFast T1 Wireless, Rob Smith announces pioneering of a new hi speed service surrounding Barrie and area covering approx 3000 sq. km. Each leg of this new service is able to handle the equiv of 8 – T1’s and there will be 7 legs by mid 2002.