Starlink Facts

The way Starlink works is, they circle the globe at 17,000 mph.  That takes 90 minutes to come around.  If there is only 50 in an orbit pattern, that is 50 satellites passing over every 90 minutes (connect and disconnect)  That is why live services like voip, vpns, gaming, face to face and zoom disconnect noticeably and hence the numerous complaints of constant disconnects… because they notice it with those apps.  Other things such as email, web surfing, and streaming are not visually affected that often or noticed, but there is loss of connection because of the searching as the satellite sails over its cell horizon.  

They say Starlink is “better than nothing” and they focus on rural.  But it is not better than Ultrafast wireless.  As a local customer with our service, we should cost more. They can produce more speed with no caps but shows them losing the top speed quickly as they fill in the gaps.  It is really interesting to see the technology.  As the engineer for UFW, I see the pro’s and the con’s and because I know what we have, I would really object to losing a customer to this technology.  Fiber?  I concede, but even then I have many customers that have stuck with us because they are not IT people and when things go amiss, they want answers, support and service.