Thanks so much for sending Nick. He was amazing. Fought killer ants, shaky ladder, etc. He was so patient and extremely persistent. I doubt I would’ve received such service from any other provider.

The fix is temporary I know. Hopefully you can schedule a repair service next week. Any morning except Monday works.  I’m away all day on Monday.

Mary H Giffen, Glen Huron, ON (July 21, 2023)



A quick message to say thank you for your availability, accessibility, familiarity with us as customers and your team’s support. We always appreciate the time you and your team provide. Service and customer care mean a lot to us as business owners ourselves.
Thanks again.

MG, Glen Huron, ON (Feb 17, 2022)


Thanks Rob,

We have a search and rescue practice tomorrow and will get the printer hooked up to see the modem so the pilots and navigators can print out their flight plans for me before they depart. This has been an ongoing problem without the internet.

You provided really quick service and will not hesitate to tell others about you.

Robin H, Edenvale, ON (July 16, 2021)


Rob: Just wanted to thank you for getting our WiFi sorted out. We have been held hostage by Bell for so many years — it was great to be able just to put in a call, talk to a real person, have the problem recognized and quickly dealt with. Such a difference!

You, Jeff and Eric have been very helpful in dealing with the startup issues we had with our service. It is now handling our expanded needs (our son and his partner with us and working remotely) very well.

Many thanks,

Chris D, Mansfield, ON (Jan 9, 2021)


Hi Jamie – I would like to report that we are up and running again. Granted, we don’t have the speeds we initially had; we are just happy to be connected to the world again.

Blain did a great job communicating with us and did a fantastic job Installing antenna.

BK, Midland, ON (July 13, 2019)


Hi Rob:

Thank you for installing yesterday, we enjoyed Netflix for the first time last
night. Everything works great.

Jeff did a great job, everything looks neat and well installed. He took the
extra time.

I appreciate all you have done for me. Can’t wait to call Bell and say
good bye.

Ronda L, Heidi’s RV Superstore, Oro-Medonte (Feb 2, 2018)


Hey Rob,

Kevin is the man! Not only did he get the internet back online, he fixed the sat TV which Shaw wasn’t able to do for 3 weeks. I’ll be switching to Bell for sure when the summer is over.

Thanks again for the help, you and Kevin saved my bacon with my season of renters.

Scott, Baysville, ON (August 4, 2017)


Hi Rob,

I like to make a point of recognizing very good service when it happens and wanted to let you know that your installer Landon was fast, friendly and professional and the new internet service is spectacular!

I will be recommending you guys to my neighbours for sure!


Scott, Oro-Medonte, ON (August 23, 2016)


Wow! You guys don’t mess around!

Thanks very much for the quick and professional install and service. I should have done this year’s ago!

Yvonne, Minesing, ON (May 13, 2016)


Hi Rob,

Just wanted to say that we’re delighted that we now have wifi just outside Hillsdale, where I thought we would never get a signal. And thanks SO much for sending your technician Glenn to put everything together. He is SO good at his job, considerate, respectful, informative.

I just can’t say enough good things about him. He’s a keeper! I hope he gets a good Christmas bonus!! Merry Christmas,

Maggie Sparrow, Hillsdale, ON (Dec. 22, 2014)


Cindy Girard (account number: 508296) would like to pass on her compliments to Kerry Colquhoun (XN55372650) from Ultrafast, who was at her property June 25th for the repair of the HTV service. Cindy has advised that Kerry was a great installer and did an excellent job repairing her service. Cindy indicated that she is very happy with the service that Kerry had provided.

Cindy just wanted to ensure that this got passed on. Great Job.
Deana Carter, Xplornet Rep, ON (June 26, 2014)


Scott Herriman said…I have been a Xplornet customer for approximately 4 yrs.As of today I haven’t really had any problems, ouside of normal weather issues.We moved recently and had a slight problem with moving the service, but since I use a voI-phone, I can’t blame Xplornet.When I did call in to inquire, and a problem was found, it was handled immediately, although I was told it would take a few days.Our service was up and running the next day.

Thanks to Jackie in customer support and my installer Jason
Deana Carter, Xplornet Rep, ON (June 14, 2014)


Good morning,

Stephen Remington (account number: 565988) would like to compliment Michael Capeluck (XN56422270) from Ultrafast T1 Wireless for the installation that was completed at his property March 20th. Stephen has indicated that Michael was very polite, professional and informative. Michael was also very accommodating despite the bad weather and was able to install the WiMax equipment in the location that was requested. Stephen is extremely happy with the whole installation and the service thus far and wanted to ensure that this got passed on.

Great Job,
Deana Carter, Xplornet Rep, ON (March 24, 2014)


Good morning,

I just wanted to let you know that my internet is working great! The guys you sent over were great and when things were not working well (even with an excellent signal), they did not give up. They troubleshooted and made more adjustments and bingo! they got it. My speeds on the share plan were consistent and I was happy. I just upgraded to the stream plan and am even More Happy! I clocked in this morning with a whopping download speed of 14.5 mbps!

I really want to THANK-YOU! for not giving up on my installation (when it seemed others were willing to).

Thanks Again and be Blessed in the Lord 🙂
Earl W Hollingsworth, Bradford, ON (March 18, 2014)


Hi Rob,

I just wanted to let you know that my wife was very impressed with the installers last week. They helped her get here car out of the driveway after she got stuck in the snow. Please thank them for me. The location where the dish was mounted surprised me. It was attached on the left side of the house, opposite side of the Shaw unit, between the house and some cedar trees, but the signal seems to be strong, so no worries.
Bryan Kennett, Tottenham, ON (January 7, 2014)


Good afternoon,

Ken Doige (account number: 470180) would like to compliment Glenn Murray (XN54536870) from Ultrafast T1 Wireless who came out to install the HTJ system on June 29th. Ken indicates that Glenn was very professional and receives top marks for cleanliness. Ken also advised that the install could not have gone better and would give Glenn a 10 out of 10 for his services. Great Job.

Deana Carter, Xplornet Rep, ON (July 15, 2013)


Hi Rob,

Our Xplornet satellite internet system was installed last week by your technician Glen. I found Glen to be extremely knowledgeable, thorough and friendly. Rather than looking for problems, Glen identified solutions and demonstrated a clear focus on customer satisfaction. He spent several hours at our home installing the hardware and ensured that our wi-fi was fully set up and operating before he left. No hidden charges and a very professional job! You are extremely fortunate to have Glen as an employee.

Jim Thibault, Haliburton, ON (July 8, 2013)


Kudos for Michael Capeluck,

Dear Sir/Madame:

Please express my gratitude to Michael for his courteous and professional performance installing my new Xplornet system. As the former President and CEO of The Dish Doctor Ltd employing 47 technicians across Canada and, as a recently retired designate technician for Shaw Direct and having 23 years experience, I am happy to say that I would have been proud to have him in my employ. Michael is the third technician dispatched to my site (the first from Ultrafast Wireless though) and I had considered him to be Xplornets 3rd strike. I do understand the difficulty in finding exceptional technicians in satellite communications and Xplornet in my opinion has hit a home run. Michaels assistant/driver was also very courteous and of a pleasant personality and very helpful. As a former Xplornet customer (which I installed myself) I definately had reservations after meeting the first two technicians (not yours) that came to my site. Please pass on my comments to Xplornet, Michael has saved yet another customer for them. Thank you in advance.

Clayton T. Rush, Satellite Communications Consultant (June 28, 2013)


Kudos for Brandon,

I have lots of GREAT things to say about Brandon. Points worth mentioning are:

-Neat and thorough job
-cleaned up after himself
-friendly, but professional
-took LOTS of time to explain everything, including how it works, hints and $50 credit promo.

David Howlett of Utterson, ON (June 19, 2013)


Hi Rob,

I just wanted to say thank you for calling your contact at Xplornet on my behalf. The level of service has greatly improved since you made that call. I have been contact by Xplornet multiple times over the past few days with offers to help with the situation by Dwayne, Steve and now Dylan.

Just today Dylan Campbell called and asked if Jeff could hold off on replacing the dish while they make a few adjustments on their end to see if they can improve the connection. He assured me that he would remain involved until this problem is fixed. Looks like you have taught Xplornet the true meaning of customer service! This is why I have been a longtime customer of Dr. Logick. The service rocks (Deb, Eric & Jeff know this already) but I thought I should pass along the kudos to you this time.

Thanks again.

Dervla, Hillsdale, On (April 23, 2013)



Please let your guys know that they represented your company very well. Their attitudes were great, and very reassuring, especially Mike.

So far Explornet is a hit. My neighbor Tim A. @ 835-xxxx is interested. His contract with Bell just expired. Please give him a call.

Wayne Paquette, Hillsdale, On (Dec. 13, 2012)



Hi Rob,

You might be interested in the great speeds I’m getting with the Xplornet advantage package on the Jupiter satellite.

Typical Speeds
Ping always around 680 ms
Download 8-15 Mbps
Upload .4 – .55 Mbps
Real data download (e.g. Apple download) is typically 7-8 Mbps


Geoff K, Shelburne, On (Dec. 2, 2012)


Hi Rob,

Just a note to say that the install went well…. Ward was great! Professional, meticulous… and willing to answer all of my many questions.

The satellite is delivering as promised. My opinion of Xplornet has improved immensely. Thanks for talking me into giving satellite another chance.


Geoff K, Shelburne, On (Nov. 27, 2012)


Oops… simply… oops,

My wife and I were not impressed with the XXX fiasco (holes in roof [for bolts], wall [for coaxle access], with no extremely low / no internet speed, horrible customer service [30min wait times etc], with the final straw “oh yeah, we know there’s a problem! [followed by silence]”). After handing the proverbial “internet reigns” over to my wife. She went to the red ‘highspeed rocket’ – [snicker] hub. To keep with the ‘reigns’ metaphor… the red horse has become too sick to take me anywhere and it’s going to ‘put down’.

I really, really miss the microwave signal! Any chance of taking me back?


Chris K, Hillsdale On (Oct. 9, 2012)


Hi Rob

I wanted to thank you for your speedy service installing our WiMax internet yesterday. The installers were very nice and the service excellent. I am so glad I called you.

We enjoyed fast and plentiful internet last night.

Have a great day and thanks again!

Bonnie Kirkey (Oct. 4, 2012)



I have Spoken with Rosemarie Bowen who you had installed today and she was telling me how pleased she was with the service you provided. I wanted to pass this along because you folks were very quick to respond and very professional and I quite enjoy hearing the positive feedback from my customers after they have been installed.

Just wanted to say thanks and keep up the wonderful work 🙂

Thank you,
Ashley H, Xplornet Sales Specialist (Sept. 27, 2012)


Thanks for the statement Debbie. We will be going back to Toronto on Sunday.

Please take us off the service as of September 12th until we notify you. The service has been wonderful and we are happy to have your network at our cottage.

We will notify you via email when we wish you to restart the service.

Thanks again
Bruce (Sept. 6, 2012)


Hi Rob

Monitoring my usage I have only used approximately 3 Gig so far this month (August). Mind you I have had some holidays so my work/data usage has been less than usual. I am thinking that the “Bell Killer Plan” might better suit my usage as I estimate I will not require the 10 Gig of the “SBA” plan I am currently on. Please let me know what you think of changing my plan from the SBA to the Bell Killer Plan?

Again the service and performance have been great and we are very happy.

Paul McDivitt (Aug. 20, 2012)



Had the new satelite system installed on Thursday – the install crew were very good, even in the pouring rain. Noted that I didn’t receive any contract outlining the terms of service, length of period locked in, pricing and over use charges. Would it be possible to have this either mailed to me or sent via email?

Rob Burke (July 29, 2012)
Simcoe Estates
Just south of Craighurst


Re: Internet and satelite installation

Thank you for sending someone very personable and knowledgable. He was excellent to deal with. It now looks great and am very happy.

Thank you again

Michelle Harding (July 14, 2012)
EnerTest Corporation
Orillia, ON


Hey Rob,

Just a quick note of thanks for all your support and hard work on the Google event. The attitude, skill and dedication from both yourself and Jeff are massively appreciated and rest assured I will be contacting you again for future projects in the Central Ontario region. Please pass on my thanks to Jeff also.


Euan Lampitt (June 22, 2012)
Vice President
The Mint Agency
Strategy. Marketing. PR. Branding. Events


Hey Rob,

Just wanted to say, ever since I’ve upgraded that router, the internet it fantastic. All 4 IP cameras are working perfect, they haven’t stopped working once and our wireless is solid. I’m very pleased with everything, I hope the router continues to impress!

Thanks for the help.

Kind regards,

Vladimir Huzl (June 4, 2012)

Hey Rob,

Thank you for the wonderful working internet, it worked great last night, thanks for not giving up.

Judy (Jan. 19, 2012)


We appreciate the response and will be pleased to stay on with you.Our lips are sealed about the (deleted). It is a good thing to be able to deal with you. I took the hub back yesterday after you made us this offer and the Bell sales manager would not take it back because I had written the pass word on the manual. It mattered not to them that I have 10 other products with them. I decided to have an “Occupy Bell Midland” event and told them I would not leave until they accepted the goods back and cancelled the account. They finally relented. Vlad the Impaler had a better customer service programme than these clowns!

Bill (Dec. 10, 2011)

Hey Rob,

Everythings working great!!! (In fact never been better)

Thanks again for sorting things out and making good on the problems we were facing. Your patience and continued effort is greatly appreciated!!

BTW-Jeff’s knowledge, professionalism, efforts and commitment are and were second to none and in my opinion he’s undoubtably rare breed…man, I wish I had a few good guys like him around here…please relay my thankfulness and appreciation to him as well!!

All the best,

John Mercuri (Mar. 25, 2011)
Innisfil, Hwy 400 & 8th Line

Now working Great. Maybe you should take over Ontario Hydro ! Love it !

Howard Collum (April 13, 2010)
Tiny Beach, 14th concession

Hi Rob,

The internet is a big part on my auction days. On Saturday we sold a huge worth of cars and just over 1/3 were to the internet buyers. I hope you can understand, and I am sure you do know important it is to me. I am Italian, and apparently we are impatient and expect everything perfect and now. I want to thank you and your staff for the great service that you provide. You can’t put a price on that service. You guys are awesome.

Frank Panza (June 1, 2009)
North Toronto Auction

Hi Rob

I wanted to convey my appreciation for the installation work Jeff did on October 21, 2008. It was as if Jeff was installing the service the way he would want it done for himself – he really took accountability for ensuring the work was done right, in a safe manner, and that the best possible service was provisioned. The install took a bit longer than anticipated, but Jeff’s commitment was evident as he stayed until everything was done. Jeff demonstrated the kind of leadership that I expect but rarely experience from other organizations – he would not be happy unless I was. In a word, the work Jeff did was outstanding!

And dealing with Deborah was a pleasure too. Professional, courteous and focused. What a treat.

As for the internet service itself, I am still coming to terms with the fact that high speed is available here – and its not just high speed – its lightning fast. It’s almost, well, unbelievable. The speed is addictive. If your network is as reliable as claimed, you will have no shortage of customers wanting to subscribe. Any chance to buy shares in the company?

Thanks very much for all your help and guidance prior to ordering, including the site visit to assess sight lines and recommendations on tower placement. Regards.

G.A. Glen Huron (Oct. 22, 2008)

Hi Rob

Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are since our hook-up with your hi-speed at Orr Lake. There has been the odd rain-out with the torrential downpours but for the most part the service has been great. I also wanted to mention what a terrific job Jeff did on the installation. He was very personable and answered all our questions and went the extra mile for sure.

Again thanks…its great to have hi-speed on Orr.

Ken Trew (Chay 93.1) and Karin Foster (Aug. 11, 2008)

Hey Rob and Eric,
Answered all my mail from the website, yesterday using our DRLOGICK email, and seems no trouble with it. I guess that leaves Vistapages as the problem. Thanks for trying to help. Maybe when/if I get an answer from them; I’ll fwd it to you guys. It might help you to help someone else sometime. Thanks again, always great service from you guys! Have a good long weekend!

Kathy (May 16, 2008)
Foggy Window Doctor Inc.

Hey guys,
I just wanted to send my gratitude. I have waited so long to have highspeed internet and I never thought it was possible. I’m having so much fun with my online gaming (world of warcraft and call of duty 4) It seems that whenever I’m not at work I’m at play with these games… If you guys ever need anything feel free to call; we’ll support your business 100%. And I plan to spread word of your service.
Thanks again

Jeffrey C. McDowell (May 4, 2008)
Barrie, Ont


Rob here is a reference letter,

Click here to view letter

Peter Weiler (January 22, 2008)
Rosemont, Ont