Shaw Direct Satellite TV

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And now… Introducing the Shaw FreeRange TV App.
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With our smallest HD receiver ever, you can:

  • Be future-proof with 1080 HD resolution and 3D ready technology
  • See 14 days into the future with our interactive program guide
  • Customize Parental Controls and Favourites Lists

Shaw Direct home satellite delivers your favourite programming, movies and much more to your TV. You buy a receiver and pick your programming. We install a dish on your home and wire the receivers. It’s easy, affordable and available anywhere in Canada.

We use the latest digital technology to send television signals from our two satellites in space to the dish on your house. Your receiver decodes the signals for your TV set. If you move, we install another dish.

Sports, movies, all your favourite shows, local news and Pay Per View programs – we have it all. Pay for what you want to watch and watch when you want to. Our onscreen and printed programming guides tell you what’s on.

We have numerous package options for every type of customer – starting at just $25.00 per month.

Call us for more information. 705-726-4063. Ask for Rob, or email: