Service Availability

Benefits of using Ultra T1 Wireless as your Service Provider

  • Value for Bandwidth! UltraFast T1 Wireless allows all businesses, large and small, to have T1 speed and above within their budget. You will no longer have to deal with the confusion of loop charges, port fees and distance based service.
  • Fast Installation! With UltraFast T1 WireLess, you can have your broadband service up and operational within five business days. You will no longer have to wait 30-60 days for your broadband access.
  • Stability! UltraFast T1 WireLess is managed by seasoned telecom executives that believe in proven business practices. We are building a long-term, customer focused business that can and will offer better solutions than traditional wire-line service offerings. Additionally, UltraFast T1 WireLess is a privately funded company that will be offering wireless solutions long term.

Is service available in my area?

At this time, service is available in Barrie & surrounding areas defined as Simcoe County.
We will try to respond to you within one day of your request. Thank you.

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